20 Home Business ideas for Homesteaders

Most of us already agree that a permanent bug out location is better than Bugging out when the SHTF – the trouble is many of us need to be close to the city or towns for our jobs. You know that thing we do all week long to make money to pay for our homes, kids, food, and other essentials. By moving far way from the cities we would have no way to support our loved ones OR we would be faced with 3 hr commutes each way to work which is just not realistic.

So the key is to have your homestead or BOL and have some sort of home business to bring in money to pay for everything. I have come up with a list of 20 ideas of ways in which you can be removed from society and still be earning money. Please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments section. Many thanks for reading.

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1. A butcher shop. These days the average person buys their meat in shrink wrap from the supermarket. In the old days most families knew how to humanely butcher and animal and use its body parts for food. A person who raises their won animals and knows how to correctly butcher them will do well at farmers markets and even better after a societal collapse.

2. A cheese-maker . Another skill that has been lost since the early 1900s – in ye olden times most villages had someone who was well versed in cheese making, whether cow cheese or goats cheese this is another job with a little bit of training you could make a good living and still live on your homestead.

3. Woodworking shop. Most manufacturing these days seems to have gone to china and the average persons idea of building a bookcase is assembling a kit from Ikea. In our grandparents time they would save up to by a book case of a chest of drawers and it would last a life time. Anyone who is handy with carpentry will do well pre and post collapse of society.

4. A yogurt shop or a milk shop. Much like being a cheese maker above, healthy cow’s milk or goats milk could be a trade to support the family. There is a great demand these days for natural milks not pumped full of harmful hormones and additives and someone who takes the time to learn the skills to make great tasting natural milk or yogurt would soon get lots of repeat business.

5. A Barber shop. Anyone who can give good haircuts, is handy with a pair of hair clippers or can do a mean straight razor shave will do well in this times or in the Post Apocalyptic world.

6. A Tailor’s. Much like cheap modern day furniture that people dispose of when they move house, many people today choose cheap clothes that they will through out after wearing a couple of times. When I grew up my mother would darn the holes in our socks and sew patches on the knees of our jeans when we got holes in them. A person handy with a needle and thread, a sewing machine or can cut a pattern to make new clothes will do very well for themselves

7. Autoshop or small engine repair shop. Aircraft carriers and long range submarines have small machine shops on them to create and repair broken parts when they eventually wear out. When you are under water for 6 months at a time you cannot just pop over to your local auto parts shop and pick up a new piece for whatever has broken. Being handy with auto repairs or small engine repairs will be a godsend in a world where no new cars will ever be made again.

8. Produce shop. Any one with a green thumb could do well with this one. Even when I lived in NYC I saw stalls at the  bi-weekly Farmers market where farmers from upstate NY would make the trek down to sell their produce. Depending on where you live that could be apples, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower to grapes avocados and oranges. Know your soil and know your regions climate and go to town!

9. Stationary shop. Papers and pens, gift wrap and ribbons, cards and notes all of these may be hard to find if you are living way out of town. Post collapse people may be well stocked with Meals ready to Eat and Ammo but I can personally guarantee you that most will not have a stock pile of birthday and Christmas cards at hand. Remember one of the early episodes of The Walking Dead where it was Andrea’s sisters birthday and she asked Dale to find her some wrapping paper?

10. An ice-cream shop or parlor. There are so many varieties of ice cream these days compared to when I was growing up it makes my head spin. Kids of all ages love a cone or bowl of ice cream especially at the end of a hot day. The founders of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream completed a home correspondence course from Pennsylvania State University to get their start. They set up their first shop in renovated gas station and took over an old mill to create their first packing plant.perhaps you could follow in their footsteps too.

11. Home defense shop. Not everyone is cut out to repair cars or grow veggies, if you are defense minded you can apply your skills in helping others homesteads to become secure, especially against a marauding gang of Zombie Biker Mutants or whoever is roaming the wasteland after the fall.

12. A hardware store. Much like a machine shop (mentioned above) not everyone is going to think to stock up on nuts and bolts before the collapse of civilization as we know it.Keep in mind too that these days the average hardware store isn’t just about an inventory of tools and materials. Skills like laying tiles and installing an electrical switch box are also appreciated so perhaps you and another family member could join forces and use your strengths to create a well rounded hardware store with extra services.

13. A candy store. Even in the big cities boutique candy stores are a huge hit. Learn to make old fashioned candy’s (even in the wild west times candy stores were a big hit with the kids) and you will be laughing.

14. A chocolate shop. Much like a candy store everyone loves chocolate. In a post apocalyptic world there will be no Hersey or Cadbury’s. Even in today’s world there are many small independent specialized chocolate companies springing up and giving the multi national conglomerates a run for their money. perhaps you can too.

15. Computer repair shop. I had a good friend who worked for a local Apple computer repair shop. He said most repairs were very very simple and people had no clue how easy they were to fix and paid him a good wage for his know how. Just think in a future where no new computers are being made those with the skills to keep existing ones run for years on end will be in high demand.

16. A bakery shop (breads). People love fresh bread, and its something that doesn’t take major skills and techniques to be half way good at baking it. If you are handy in the kitchen a fresh bread shop might be the way for you to go.

17. A donut shop. A little more complicated then baking bread but specialized baking like lovely tasty delicious donuts would probably make you live like a king or queen in a post apocalyptic world.

18. A sandwich shop (like a small subway). If you are good at baking bread and growing your own veggies (perhaps your neighbors started a cheese making business and you can trade with them) then why not start a fresh sandwich shop?

19. A deli shop. By a deli shop I mean things like pickled vegetables and smoked meats not like a New york style bodega. If you get good at pickling and canning your own veggies, heck you could even sell them by the jar!.

20. Feed shop (grains for animals and livestock). Another over looked skill set to think about for the future. As important and goats cows and horses are for the farming community someone has to feed them and with the right foods too. This could be a nice niche to focus on.

Homesteading Essentials Download Your FREE 46 page guide to Homesteading Essentials Today!

Ok so there are 20 ideas for businesses you could run locally or from your homestead. Like I said above if you have any more ideas feel free to share them below. thanks for reading

Alex the Prepper
A-1 Survival

3 thoughts on “20 Home Business ideas for Homesteaders

  1. This seems pretty myopic and oversimplified and reads more like a list of places to put within a survival video game than actual business ideas. Not to mention that depending on how remote one may be, any kind of shop is pointless if nobody knows where you are.

    This should focus more on what you can bring to market rather than expecting people to come to you. Any of the above can also be interchanged with “find a job as….” instead of actually wasting resources on starting these businesses in remote locations with little understanding of your market.

    Emphasis should be on what skills you have to offer anyone in trade or barter and what resource can you cultivate or manufacture and bring to a central market.

    Hardly anyone will drive out of their way to go to a remote location to buy a donut or a sandwich or (my favorite suggestion)… visit the post apocalyptic chocolatier. Yes everyone knows that when SHTF…. there will be loads and loads of cocoa beans just raining down from the sky in abundance so you might want to bone up on those treat making skills cuz them cranky bandits are gonna want your wonka sweeties.

    Alex the Prepper…you must be a kid right? There is very little value in the list you wrote though you do describe what could be needed by a small community. Luxury items are off the list unless stockpiled. Focus is on agriculture and trade skills. Hard skills like dentistry and veterinary medicine… not effing candy making. If you expect anyone to survive societal collapse, people have to put in the hard work ahead of time and learn skills. there will be no room or use for people who can’t contribute on more than one level. Everyone will have to know multiple skills and wear many hats.

    • Thanks for the valuable feedback Sleddog Afterbirth, the idea of the article was to get people thinking talking and throwing in their own ideas – of which you have done so. Again thanks for your valuable feedback

      All the best!

  2. I gotta agree with sled dog afterbirth, although I don’t agree with the name…. you, just you(individual) have to have at least 3 or more of those right of the bat, excluding candy and chocolate… unless you bug out to central america I don’t know where you are sourcing your ingredients…. You have to know how to butcher, grow feed, and a garden, and bake (as well as thrash, grind, store the grains and know masonry for a oven unless you have endless propane or gas to your home??) if you want to make a sandwich. Plus you gotta know how a) not to rip your clothes and b) how to fix ’em if you do unless you are cool naked and the weather wherever you end up is nice too…. seems you might not be as prepped as you’d think. I agree that vet skills and dentistry as well as midwife skills or EMT/Nurse or a knowledge of prescriptions would be handy too, I would add…. blacksmithing and survey skills to identify deposits…. but in the end if you need to rebuild you will need plenty of strong backs to swing a hammer or axe that just eat a sandwich and don’t ask questions

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