“The First 24 Hours” A WROL Situation Film by HPFirearms

It started as a typical day at work when at around 10am the US Government accidentally detonated an EMP warhead in the NorthWest. This video shows the implementation of my get home plan…


The 10 Greatest Post – Apocalyptic Films of Our Time

If you are anything like me you love a great Post-Apocalyptic film. In fact I loved them before I even knew what Post-Apocalyptic meant! In tribute to this genre of film making I have decided to list my 10 favorites, let me know your favorites in the comments section!


10. Doomsday. This 2008 film starring Rhona Mitra and Bob Hoskins is about a deadly virus that spreads through Scotland – forcing the government in England to build a giant wall (just like the Romans did with Hadrian’s wall to ) to contain the Scottish and to stop the virus spreading. Only 25 years after they find the virus is back and in England worse than ever. Satellite footage shows that there are survivors in Scotland, therefore a cure and a group must go back over the wall to get the cure…of course chaos ensures. Directed by Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers, Descent) this film does pay homage to Mad Max The Road Warrior in places but is still a very enjoyable film.

9. Take Shelter. This 2011 film was a nice surprise for me. I love anything actor Michael Shannon does but I had pretty much zero clue about this film before watching it. A man haunted by a series of end of the world visions has to decide if he is going mad or to take steps to protect himself and his loved ones. I am not going to say more than that but its well worth all preppers seeing this film. Excellent!


8. 28 days later. I am sure most of you have seen this already, but in case you haven’t. The Rage virus destroys most of England in 4 weeks (28 days) and a small group of survivors have to get the heck out of London and head towards sanctuary. What distinguishes it from the average Zombie film is that these are not the undead but “the Infected” The godfather of the Modern day Zombie film George Romero actually gave his nod to these “fast Zombies” since they were infected and not the Living Dead. To me one of the things that makes this film special is the scenes of a deserted London. Like New York City there is pretty much not a time when there is not someone on the streets of London , so to see it so deserted is pretty crazy.

7. Terminator. Okay so technically this film is set in the present day, but time travel has enabled a man from the future to come back and warn a Los Angele’s waitress that she is the savior for the future and that a killing machine robot called the Terminator has also been sent back in time to kill her. Successfully blending alternate futures with the impending apocalypse Arnold Schwarzenegger, dominates as a cold emotionless robot who will stop at nothing to wipe out his target Sarah Conner.

Honorable mentions : Terminator 2 and Terminator Salvation


6. Planet of the Apes. I am talking the 1968 classic starring Charlton Heston here. One of the first Post Apocalyptic films I ever saw, Charlton plays an astronaut who’s spaceship crashes on an unknown planet some time in the future only to find talking apes are the dominant species and humans are little more than Cattle. A classic man against time tale with one of the best twists in movie history, this film series is easily my favorite franchise. To make things even better the NEW re-imaginings are doing justice to the originals.

Dishonorable Mention. The god awful Tim Burton 2001 remake had its moments but is so below par compared to the rest of the films.

5. These Final Hours. Shot in my hometown of Perth, Western Australia, the end has already happened across the rest of the world , with Perth knowing its coming, in a few short hours. Many spend their final hours in a daze of drugs and sex, as our hero races across the city to redeem himself. Excellent stuff.



4. Dawn of the Dead (2004) yes that’s right the remake not the original. I am sure I will get some hate mail from Zombie purists for this one, but too bad. I did see the original Dawn of the Dead back in the late 1970s and granted it was horrific for the time. However its a new millennium and slow shuffling Zombies don’t cut it anymore. I was horrified when I first heard Zack Snyder was remaking such a classic but begrudgingly over time I have to admit this is superior in every way. (Yes I know George Romero doesn’t like it). The pacing, the sheer chaos, the fact that most of the survivors are so unprepared for what’s about to happen to them when the SHTF, this film has it all. I must watch this once a month and never tire of it. Essential viewing.

3. Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior) I saw this in the theater back in 1981 and was transfixed, it instantly becoming one of my favorite films. Set after the collapse of society, an ex cop agrees to help a group of survivors to safety from marauding gangs of rapists and murders in exchange for “guzzolene”. With muscle cars, Mel Gibson and mutant bikers with hockey masks and mohawks, whats not to love? Looking forward to the new one Mad Max Fury Rd next month.

300x250-earthquake2.  The Omega Man. Another P-A film starring Charlton Heston, this film blew me away at the age of 10 watching it for the first time. Shot in Los Angeles, long before CGI movie trickery even then I realized to capture scenes of a deserted L.A. was no easy task, Charlton plays army doctor Robert Neville the last man left on earth. (Or so he thinks) he is free to roam during the day but at night must barricade himself in his apartment building to ward of the infected who’s one aim is to wipe him out. The loneliness and paranoia he feels is crushing. This is also one of the first films I remember seeing , showing someone with preps to survive. Essential viewing.

Honorable mentions. The Last Man on Earth (Vincent Price) and I am Legend (Will Smith) technically these are all the same story, based on the book “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson. All our good in their own way but I prefer the Charlton Heston one the best.

1. The Road. Starring Viggo Mortensen as a dying father trekking across a ruined world to get his son to safety. So heavy and depressing, this movie is probably closest to a real post apocalyptic world than anything mentioned above. No talking apes, killer robots or muscle cars, Viggo’s character is ill prepared for the journey: no food, no ammo, no transport he must face killer cannibals, disease, starvation, the elements and more. Truly depressing and soul destroying, if this movie doesn’t make you a prepper then nothing will. Even though its top of my list I can only watch it every now and then it is that heavy. Be warned!


AFTERSHOCK (1988) full Post Apocalyptic movie

How to Bug Into Your Apartment When the SHTF




LOS ANGELES – destroyed by a massive earthquake
QUINN – the evil Chief of Security who will stop at nothing to suppress all opposition
SABINA – An alien from another world who has arrived on earth by accident
WILLIE – A mystical, martial arts warrior – the White Phantom

How to Bug Into Your Apartment When the SHTF

The Final Executioner (1984) : The hunted becomes the hunter : Full Post Apocalyptic Movie

Why You Need To Buy Silver Before The S.H.T.F.

“In the post-nuclear world the hunt is on…and man is the prey!”

The end of the world is just the beginning in THE FINAL EXECUTIONER. It’s a tale of intense and shocking action, highlighted by high-speed motorcycle chases and incredible hand-to-hand combat.

Having wiped out thousands of year of civilization in an instant, the human race has returned to a more barbaric code. Those few who survived the nuclear holocaust without contamination have created a new sport, “The Hunt”…and the prey in these sadistic rites are their less fortunate fellow men.

One man has discovered the secret that can end this barbarism. He becomes the target of Idra, who has a passion for blood and killing, Erasmus, famed for his skill with medieval weaponry, along with a whole group of decadent young people, all who simply love to murder for fun.

Allan, the saviour, finds a sole ally, an ex-lawman. Becoming his student, Allan undergoes torturous training, preparing himself for the final confrontation – a one man assault on the stronghold of the hunters!

Starring Woody Strode and Harrison Muller (veterans of The Violent Breed), THE FINAL EXECUTIONER delivers the final word in thrills!

Why You Need To Buy Silver Before The S.H.T.F.

Rising Storm (1989) : Post-nuke televangelist dictatorship rebellion! : Full Movie English

How to Avoid Becoming One Of the Living Dead When The SHTF

“The ultimate weapon in the fight for the future…is a blast from the past!”

Los Angeles, the year 2099 AD. The Big Orange is now ruled by Big Brother, The Blessed Reverend who rules by a simple system. He and a small number of people are filthy rich while the rest of the city is dirt poor. Tired of the tyranny are brothers Artie and Joe who plan to get their hands on some of the wealth – not gold or silver, but Elvis Presley piggy banks, Batman comics, and any meaningless memorabilia that has now become valuable art.

Teaming up with fellow treasure seekers and freedom fighters, the beautiful Mila and Blaise, Artie and Joe find themselves pitching their wits and matching strength against the ruthless Reverend and his band of bloodthirsty Troopers.

This is revolution and it’s only just begun!

How to Avoid Becoming One Of the Living Dead When The SHTF

Omega Doom (1996) : Rutger Hauer : Full Post Apocalyptic Movie

How To Avoid becoming One Of the Living Dead When the SHTF

“Once his mission was to destroy mankind, now he must defend the last human survivors on Earth.”

RUTGER HAUER last played an android in the landmark, sci-fi classic BLADE RUNNER. He returns to familiar territory in OMEGA DOOM – the new futuristic thriller from the director of CYBORG and BRAINSMASHER.

Four hundred years after an apocalyptic war, the human race has virtually ceased to exist and the world is a lifeless rock.

Omega Doom (played by Rutger Hauer) is a human-like, cyborg killing machine. He and his kind inherited the Earth and travel the ruined cities in search of rare weapons and ammunition that will protect them when the human survivors rise to reclaim their planet.

In one corner of a city, in an old amusement park, Omega Doom learns the location of a cache of guns and bullets…but retrieving them for the humans who have reprogrammed him will be a dangerous mission. A new war has erupted between the rival droid gangs who control this area and both are desperate to claim the deadly “prize”.

How To Avoid becoming One Of the Living Dead When the SHTF

Future Fear (1997) : Jeff Wincott : Maria Ford : Full Post Apocalyptic Movie

How To Bug Out To Sea When the SHTF

After a wise-cracking, tough-guy scientist (Jeff Wincott) finds a cure for the viral plague from outer space that has eradicated nearly all life on the planet, he is targeted for destruction by an elite female assassin (Maria Ford) sent by a power-mad general (Stacy Keach) who plots to repopulate the planet with a new genetically-engineered species of his own design.

“Something’s eating away at humanity…and only one man can save a world on the brink of destruction.”

How To Bug Out To Sea When the SHTF

On The Beach (2000), TV movie, nuclear fallout holocaust

How to Bug Into Your Home When the SHTF

An interesting movie that depicts a possible scenario with a nuclear fallout covering the world.
It is kind of interesting, because any accident, on any of the 400+ nukes in the northern hemisphere, could take us to a similar situation (Fukushima?).

This video is the result of joining the 20 separate parts that are already on youtube. Some audio problems contained in the originals were fairly fixed, with a loss in the quality of the image.
Copyrights at the end of movie.

How to Bug Into Your Home When the SHTF