18 Most Beautiful Abandoned Places

Something a bit different today – ever since I saw the original planet of the apes film in the early 1970s i always loved Post Apocalyptic Movies, seeing towns and cities that once were lying abandoned. So today’s video is of 18 of the most Beautiful abandoned places in the world.From an mysterious looking mill in Italy to beautiful but creepy amusement parks these are the most beautiful abandoned places. Enjoy!

10. El Hotel del Salto

Just southwest of Bogota Columbia is a spooky tourist attraction that dangles on the top of a large cliff in the rainforest with a view of an enormous waterfall. According to legends, during the Spanish conquest of South America, people would jump off the cliff you see in this photo in order to avoid slavery. It was once a luxurious hotel teeming with wealthy travelers. Some believe the hotel closed its doors due to contaminated river water.


9. Sunken Yacht

This eerie photo remains was taken of a sunken Brazilian yacht off the Maxwell Bay in Antarctica. The yacht belonged to a famous journalist and entrepreneur. The yacht most likely ran into strong winds while the crew came there to film a documentary. The crew was eventually rescued by the Chilean Navy but the memories of being trapped for 2 days must be frightening. Hopefully he still got some good film for his documentary.

8. Abandoned Six Flags

While some theme parks are deserted because of low attendance, others are deserted because of natural disasters. When hurricane katrina struck New Orleans much of the city was left in ruins. Six Flags New Orleans has been left abandoned ever since and left with excess shrubbery and graffiti. Here in this photo you see the decay and complete desolation of the once popular theme park.

7. Lawndale Theatre, Chicago

The Lawndale Theatre was once a thriving theatre in Chicago along the once bustling Roosevelt Road and played many classic movies. In this photo you see the once beautiful building, barely hanging on to life It opened its doors in 1927, and often promoted many British silent films and would even have “Chorus Girl Contests”. During world war II the neighborhood took a drastic turn and left the area into poverty. Legend even has it that a gang leader was shot dead here. It reopened as a church but then closed its doors in the early 2000’s..

6. North Brother Island

How is it possible an Island in New York’s East River goes completely forgotten? Only a 10 minute boat ride from the Bronx, the island you see in the photo served as a quarantine for those with small pox, scarlet fever, leprosy and even jungle fever. Many described it as an awful place and was surrounded by dirty water. The facilities shut down in 1963 and the island is now deserted.


5. Abandoned mill

In this photo you see an abandoned mill in Sorrento, Italy near the city of Naples. This area was also known as the Valley of Mills and here they produced much flour, probably for making pizza and other bread products. In 1866, the mill conditions and area began to get too humid. Mother nature eventually reclaimed her territory and the mill closed. Tourists still come often for photos and tours.

4. Chatillon Car Graveyard

This grim scene in the photo features hundreds of abandoned cars is not a scene from the “Walking Dead”. This is actually a car graveyard nears a small village in Ardennes, Belgium. The deteriorating cars have been sitting here for the past 70 years and the neighboring wilderness will eradicate them completely someday. The reason why so many cars were abandoned still remains a mystery. An interesting legend says that the cars were left behind by American soldiers who were stationed here and when it was time to come home they just left them here.

3. Prabalgad

Prabalgad is a plateau in India where a famous fort and temple to Ganesha are currently located. The fort was finally taken over by the forces of the Mughal Empire. No one currently lives in this fortress most likely because it seems like one heck of a hike to get up there. Must be some great views from the top. In this photo you can see the steepness and you can imagine how it must have been difficult to build anything at the top.

2. Craco, Italy

Craco was once a bustling medieval city in the South of Italy until a natural disaster took place.Landslides and earthquakes make it very difficult for people to make this place home. As you can see in this photo, the village sits on top of a hill which makes it an easy target to be affected by natural elements. The abandonment make the location popular for tourists and filmmakers. Occasionally festivals are held at this location but no one will call this place home.


This infamous prison located on an island in the San Francisco Bay is an iconic image of the city and possibly the most well known deserted places in the world. Alcatraz island was originally built was a fortress but later transformed into a military prison in 1868 and then a federal prison in 1963. In 1986 it became a National Historic Landmark and can be reached by a quick ferry ride. The lighthouse is the oldest one built on the west coast and legendary escapes from the prison had been turned into movies!


Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga Review #1

Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga Review - Pros and Cons


Created by Eyal Yanilov, MaxKravMaga is the most proffesional reality based self defense video training programs online today. In this MaxKravMaga review we will take a look at this product and see what are the pros and cons of this program.

What Exactly Is This Program?

MaxKravMaga was created by Eyal Yanilov, a world renowned authority in self defense for the past 30 years. MaxKravMaga is a massive collection of more than 20 hours of clearly explained and easy to follow self defense instructional videos which include training modules for beginners and experts alike.

Eyal Yanilov spent the last several years putting together this video training program and according to him this program is the most comprehensive online today.

However, with so many self defense video programs out on the market and on the internet today, is Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga really worth the money?

To answer this question and to find if this program is really for you let's talk about some of the pros and cons of Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga. 

The Pros And Cons

The Pros

Suitable For Different Levels

There is no doubt that many people can benefit from this package. Beginners will find these self defense videos’ clear and concise nature gives them a solid foundation to build their self defense skill set as they build their confidence to move on to the more advanced training modules. Advanced and professional self defense practitioners and instructors as well as experienced martial artists will appreciate the huge variety of training modules and the extremely professional level of instruction which Eyal possesses.

Very Useful Bonuses

When you become a member of Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga you will also receive these 4 bonuses:

1. Mental Training and Combat Mindset Module

This module covers in depth analysis of the mental aspect of self defense.. often sited as one of the most overlooked aspects of self defense training. This Mental Training program covers it at an extremely high level, including tactics and techniques used by elite special forces and which were not available to the general public until now.

2. Eyal Yanilov’s Masterclass Seminar Module

Filmed during a 2 hour seminar of Eyal’s in London England, this training module puts you front and center in one of Eyal's coveted seminars which he does all over the world. It feels like you are right there in the seminar.. and considering Eyal’s seminars are very costly ( he is an extremely sought after self defense authority )..This is a great way to experience it for yourself.

3. Anti-Carjacking and Road Rage

Carjacking has become one of the most prevelent crimes in many parts of the world today and rates are rising rapidly. Carjackings are often brutal and violent in nature, as well as pose a strong threat of kidnapping either to the driver or passengers. 

4. Using Firearms as non-lethal weapons

Knowing how to use a firearm as a non-lethal weapon is imperative for anyone who wants to have a well rounded self defense arsenal. The truth is, sometimes you simply cannot shoot your gun due to a number of different reasons. 


Surprisingly Organized

With over 20 hours of videos and more than 600 techniques, you'd expect Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga to be fairly disorganized. However I found it extremely easy to follow..everything is very well organized.

Money Back Guarantee

The product comes with a 60 days money back guarantee and if you are not completely satisfied with what you get, you will receive your money back.

The Cons:

May Be A Little Overwhelming At First

Just because there are so many different training modules in the program, the members' area can be a little overwhelming at first. However all the training modules are organized by level and/or category and once you get started, you will find it is not difficult to find what you are looking for.

Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga- The Bottom Line

Overall, there is no doubt that Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga is an extremely comprehensive and detailed self defense video training program that comes with a great amount of valuable information and insight about reality based self defense. It is evident right from the start that Eyal is very knowledgable and experienced with everything regarding self defense.

There are other good self defense programs online and some of them are cheaper than this one, but I seriously doubt that you will find any program that is so comprehensive as this one, with the level of instruction as taught by Eyal Yanilov, great bonuses and very good customer support.

I hope that you found this Eyal Yanilov’s MaxKravMaga review to be helpful for you, all the best!
Alex The Prepper
A-1 Survival


What Kind of Prepper Tools Should You Get?

When it comes time to become self reliant or take care of your own during a crisis situation, you’re going to have to work harder than ever. You’ll need tools that can help you get things done.

Power tools may not be an option unless they’re battery operated and you have rechargeable batteries that can be charged with a solar charger. So you’ll need to have a variety of hand tools available, too.

Hand tools are harder to use, but they don’t require the use of electricity, so you won’t have to worry about not having them functional whenever you need them. You can buy a readymade large toolkit, or invest in a small one that’s perfect for taking with you on the go.

What kind of hand tools will you need for your homesteading property? The basics are always good. A hammer will help you build things – and of course, a variety of nails to go with it.

Screwdrivers will come in handy – both flathead and Phillips screwdrivers. Make sure you also store a variety of different sized screws for projects you might take up on your property.


A wrench might help you if you’re dealing with nuts and bolts. If you purchased some items to build from scratch, then you’ll want to have a wrench handy. A tape measure for projects is also a great idea.

Pliers, saws, levels, and utility knives are all additional tools you’ll want to invest in – either as a group toolkit or individually if you’re picky about your items. A Leatherman is also a nice tool to have, as is a Swiss Army Knife – which both house a variety of tools in one that’s portable.

As a homesteader, you may also want to invest in a variety of gardening tools. Some will be handheld smaller tools for raised bed gardening, like a spade for example. Others will be larger, like a shovel, rake or garden hoe.

But what about large tools you may need as a prepper? Many communities plan as a group to invest in large machinery that helps build houses and pave roadways. You might even get machines that harvest grains and other large crops for your prepper community.

Start small, with what you can carry and what you may need to make repairs, protect yourself, and use for gathering food supplies – and then move on to the larger, long-term tools that might help you become more self reliant.

All for now

Alex The Prepper


Be part of a British Post Apocalyptic Film: Anathema

Hey Folks, the producers of a forthcoming British indie Post Apocalyptic film “Anathema” are looking for financial support via their Kickstarter campaign.

Depending on how much you feel like contributing you will get anything from a digital download of the film, to posters to your name credited in the film – full details here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/504950747/anathema-a-british-indie-post-apocalyptic-feature

The film Anathema is about Addison, and his younger sister, Kate, travel through the country seeking refuge from the harsh hostilities of the post-apocalypse.

Anathema Post Apocalyptic Film

The Survivalist (1987) : Full Movie


After a mysterious nuclear detonation in Siberia sparks Cold War panic, America falls into the ruthless grip of martial law as the Constitution is suspended in the ensuing chaos.

Self styled “Survivalist” John Tillman has long prepared for such a scenario, but will his skills be enough against savage, roving hordes, bent on looting and killing at will, and a murderously corrupt Military force determined to crush all who question the will of the State?


Use these tiny house plans to build a beautiful tiny house like ours

Use These Tiny House Plans To Build A Beautiful Tiny House Like Ours

Click here for more images

After many requests for our tiny house plans, here they finally are! We’ve been living in our Tiny House for nearly a year now – and we love it! We’ve named her Lucy and she’s beautiful 🙂

If you think our tiny house is beautiful too and you would like one just like her – these framing plans will show you how it’s done.

If you purchase these tiny house framing plans we’ll show you both 2D and 3D pictures for the framing of the entire tiny trailer house. That includes the sub floor, bottom floor, top floor, loft and roof. Also included is the Google Sketchup file for these plans so that you can play around and make any modifications you might want to make.

Here’s a selection of pages included in Lucy’s plans to give you an example of how we’ve done the drawings…

These tiny trailer house plans are based on the trailer we used for lucy. The trailer measures 7.2m by 2.4m (23’7.5″ by 7’10.5″) and is rated to carry 3.5 tonnes. The total height of the timber framing is 3743mm (12’3″). It was designed for the additional height of the trailer and roof cladding to be below 4.25m (13’11”) the legal limit in New Zealand. As far as we are aware, this would make it legal in most…

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90 minute mig mastery – learn welding – mig welding training

90 Minute Mig Mastery – Learn Welding – MIG Welding Training

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Are you struggling because you don’t know where to start, and have no one there to help you out?Are you double guessing whether you have what it takes to learn how to weld? Do you think you can’t afford to start?

It’s easy to look at someone who’s been welding for years and think “I’ll never be as good as they are”.

This is naturally our thought process when learning new things, so if you feel overwhelmed, lost, or don’t know where to start it’s not your fault.

Growing up – literally as far back as I can remember – I loved to work with my hands and I would stick to something until I got it perfect. I am a bit of a perfectionist. I remember being about 7 or 8 years old building a bridge across the creek in my backyard that was so solid my 250 lb father walked across it without thinking twice.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that I would be helping thousands of people just like you learn how to weld from their own homes, in their spare time, and without any prior knowledge of welding.

Welding really struck a chord with me, and I’ve been passionately doing it for almost 6 years…

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