Prepper Question of the Week : Best Gun To Buy for Home Defense?

Following our series of asking you guys your thoughts on Prepping topics – today’s question is what do you think the best gun to buy for home defense is?

Me personally, I favor the shotgun as my weapon of choice for home defense.

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8 thoughts on “Prepper Question of the Week : Best Gun To Buy for Home Defense?

  1. 45 acp poly striker pistol. Mine is an XD 45 5″. Why? It’s a fat, slow moving caliber that as short range can do a lot of damage. While no round that is capable of penetrating enough to stop the threat will not also go through multiple walls the 45 has the best chance of getting the job done while not going through into a neighbor’s house. 9mm is a hot knife through butter and will penetrate 35% more. And don’t fall for the old shotgun myth. The same laws of physics apply and shot will not spread enough in the distances found in a home to react much differently than a slug.

  2. Up close shot plows a hole like a slug… But fragments and loses momentum quickly. Those laws of physics noted above confirm that many small pieces will lose their energy more quickly than a larger object.

  3. A cut shell can act exactly like a slug in a pinch too if you want the extra punch.

    My primary home defense gun is my glock 27 because its on my hip 100% of the time day or night. When I answer the door I am always armed and no one knows. If I hear a bump in the night you will be looking down the barrel of my 870 with a 1000 lumen flashlight in the last moments of your life after opening my bedroom door.

    A shotgun is like a nuclear bomb up close. The FBI have confirmed that a 1oz slug has the highest one shot stop probability of any common weapon center mass.

    Long guns are less convenient for room clearing though. As in any tactical CQB situation learn to transition weapons and use your light.

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