Preppers – Best ideas for Bugging In?

I have written a fair bit in the past about the pros and cons of bugging in versus bugging out. Many preppers subscribe to the belief that most of our major cities are so congested as it is you are better off having a full time Bug Out Location (B.O.L.) and living there permanently . While that may work for some people the reality is many of us are tied to the cities for our jobs and our families.

So today I want to hear from you guys on your best tips that you have heard over the years for bugging in, whether that’s a suburban home or apartment building

I know you guys have opinions – so let’s hear them!

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6 thoughts on “Preppers – Best ideas for Bugging In?

  1. I live in a suburban neighborhood.

    Other than having plenty of water and food – i like the idea of faking out like my house has already been looted to discourage any rioters or looters from trying to ransack it after a societal collapse!

  2. I think bugging in and making your house look like it’s already been ransacked is a huge mistake. In a real shtf they’re coming in so you might as well be prepared not with broken windows and kicked in doors because they just walk in. Make a plan with your friends to come to your house or you to theirs. Five good Shooters with their fingers on the triggers is what you need not broken in doors and busted out windows . Power in numbers brother!

  3. Bug in? Sure. Avoid the trap that all fixed fortifications can be eventually breeched if the attacker is determined enough. Allow 2 reliable escape routes from your home defences. Only thing worse than looking like an target, is looking like a vunerable target. Low profile is good, no profile is better. Preposition emergency catche(s) not far from the end of escape routes.(weapon/food/water/first aid etc) PLAN for bugging in,,,,should include a good plan for emergency evacuation should it be absolutely necessary. Bug in? Sure. It takes more power to vanquish/conquer, than it does to defend and survive. Perimeter defences should include choke point construction.

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