Prepper’s Home Defense: Is your wooden home bullet proof?

As  preppers most of us are very aware of the difference between cover and concealment. If not, to recap quickly cover will save your ass and concealment will just hide you from view. It may seem obvious but just because you cannot be seen by an assailant does not mean that they cannot shoot you.

Plenty of us here in the USA live in homes constructed of wood (as opposed to brick) and I thought it would be worth discussing how safe we are from gunfire in a wooden home.

Whilst hardwood may stop some pistol rounds it will not stop a rifle round in fact I had a colleague who had someone fire a rifle round that traveled through 5 wood walls of his house before coming to a stop. Law enforcement assumed it was a 30 cal round. Needless to say shortly after that he bought a home in a more secure location.

One of the few woods to slow down bullets better than most is maple , such as the maple used to make bowling pins. I have seen people test a .44 magnum on maple only to have the bullets simply bounce off.

Brick or block homes are a better option however acknowledge that if you do come under fire there will be concrete flying about. If you are taking machine gun fire and your house is built from concrete blocks won’t be cover for long.

That’s why many preppers recommend purchasing bulk sand bags especially if the SHTF and we start living in a world without rule of law.Sand bags and earth stop bullets far better than concrete and metal do but sooner or later any sustained attack from a machine gun or rifle fire will compromise your cover.

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The bottom line is the outer walls of the average house will stop nothing, If you use cinder blocks you will need to fill them with steel reinforced concrete and make it two courses thick, staggering the weak points between both walls so you are not left vulnerable. Which is pretty much going to make you feel like you are living in a prison cell.

I guess what started off as an article looking at the stopping power of your wood home has morphed into a piece on home defense, the bottom line is if aggressors have you and your family pinned down in your home ..its not good….that’s why it always pays to have a large remote property and have concentric circles of defense before invaders even get close to your home.

Ultimately the best defense is a house with an unseen entry and exit that can be used if needed to silently slip into the wilderness .

That’s all for today folks – stay safe out there


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