Preppers Question of the Week “How do I start Prepping?”

Ok folks – so I’ve been doing this blog for a little over 3 years now – sharing my thoughts and wisdom on Prepping with you all. So I want to do something different this week – I want to HEAR FROM YOU. Today’s question to you is, what advice would you give someone who is just starting out in the Prepping World “How Do I Start Prepping?”

Whether its something as simple as “start buy picking up a few extra cans of food, toilet rolls, tooth paste with your weekly grocery shop” or taking an advance shooting course – I want YOU to leave your feedback and comments in the section below!

Thanks in advance


6 thoughts on “Preppers Question of the Week “How do I start Prepping?”

  1. When me and my family started – we tired to read every blog and forum we could get our hands on , get educated, figure out what your main concerns are (earthquake, nuclear war , Zombie apocalypse, EMP attack, whatever) and prepare for those first

    Thanks and keep up the great work Alex!

  2. First, u can make a really good water filter for CHEAP. You tube it. Second, go to Sams or Costco and buy some beans and rice for CHEAP. there’s a good start.

    • Thanks for the feedback Kaje! Yes, Costco is your friend if you are prepping on a budget – buy items in bulk that you know you use year in year out

  3. I started with 72 hours food/water. Basic first aid. Of course basic weapons/ammo. Then once that was met it was supplies for a week, 2 week’s, a month and more. Educate yourself on how to do’s etc and physical fitness.

    • Thanks for the feedback Stick! yeah its best to start small and work your way up to more elaborate preps!
      Physical fitness is something a lot of preppers over look. Even in the Zombie Comedy Zombieland they mention cardio as the slow people were the first to get eaten

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