Preppers – What’s your Top foods to Hoard?

Hey folks Alex here, Ok the question for everyone this week – is what are your top foods to hoard?

Me personally, after a variety of MREs and of course gallons and gallons of drinking water I go for the basics like salt, sugar, flour etc

What I want to know is what you like to store for when the SHTF? Cans of Tuna? Bags of Rice? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!



6 thoughts on “Preppers – What’s your Top foods to Hoard?

  1. Outside of the obvious foods to hoard most people forget about everyday items
    toothpaste, T.P., shaving cream, disposal razors, deodorant etc

  2. Spam canned chicken and Turkey tuna dinti Moore beef stew white rice can be stored in Mylar bags with o2 absorbers and beans store well in Mylar lasting up to 30 years dehydrated potato wedges a lot of powders products like tomato powder butter eggs milk honey powders cheese ECT pasta lots of pasta if you have a deep freeze full of meats the meat can be pressure canned to preserve up to 5 years very simple process keep flour and yeast in the deep freeze or freezer when the power goes its time to start making bread.

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