Revolvers versus pistols – which do you prefer?

We had so much feedback on our recent blog post on Ak47s versus Ar15s that we thought it would be cool to do a piece covering the pros and cons of revolvers versus pistols. While I own a couple of each, this blog post is going to cover the pros of adding a couple of revolvers to your personal arsenal especially now before the cost of owning a quality one goes through the roof.

Personally I think a revolver makes a great “nightstand gun” perfect for a middle of the night home invasion type scenario. I think the average civilian with little practice with their semi automatic pistol would fumble with it especially with the adrenaline dump of being suddenly awakened by intruders in their house. At least with a revolver a live round is already chambered and there is no safety catch to mess with. All is needed is to point and shoot.

Another plus point with a revolver versus a semi automatic pistol is if you do have a dead round with a revolver you can keep pulling the trigger..with a pistol you are S*** Out Of Luck.

If you are keen on investing in a revolver consider purchasing a 357 as you can use both .357 and 38 special ammo with it.
I use my revolver (as mentioned above as a night stand gun) but I know plenty of people that use one for their Every Day Carry (EDC) a friend of mine living in bear country swears by the heavier copper jacketed ammo for his .357 as he swears its good enough to stop a bear. Something your 9mm will not do!

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If you are keen on a quality affordable 357 google a company called European American Armory you can definitely pick up a quality revolver for under $500.

Any readers own a revolver? Leave a comment below and let me know what you favorite is!

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8 thoughts on “Revolvers versus pistols – which do you prefer?

  1. Autos are good in capacity, which might be an important issue in shtf situation. I also don’t think people could rely on 357 against “big” bears. I’d go for the option with more bullets in a round. Carrying around ak47 is also not an option 🙂 of course, so my vote goes to automatic pistol .

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