Seven reasons to invest in a bomb shelter

I was talking to a friend of mine last night and he thought it was funny that people are still interested in bomb shelters. When he was growing up in the late 1950s most suburban families either had a bomb shelter or considered investing in one … I thought about it and came up with 7 reasons why it still makes a lot of sense. Here are my top seven reasons:

* Protect your family from Nuclear war or nuclear attacks. The cold war maybe over but in our current political climate we are only ever a few moves away from another world war, probably one with nuclear weapons. If not a world war then we must also accept the fact that political terrorists can now access the parts they need for a “dirty” bomb easier than ever on the black market. An underground shelter gives you and your loves ones the chance to survive through a nuclear attack. Of course anyone near the blast radius will be instantly vaporized but if your city was hit and you live in the suburbs, going underground until the fall out had cleared will definitely save lives.


* Outside of worrying about Nuclear attacks from either foreign countries or political terrorists, there is also the threat of a nuclear meltdown. Look at what happened in Fukushima Japan just a few years ago.An earthquake hit the area and caused a meltdown at the local power plant. Nuclear plant accidents are actually quite common, let’s also keep in mind that there are far many more nuclear plants these days compared to the Chernobyl  days.

* Natural disasters – even if there is never another nuclear war or melt down a bomb shelters makes a wise investment for those of us who live in Hurricane or Tornado zones. Surviving underground for a few weeks at a time is much preferable to camping out in the local high school gym until services are back up and running in your area.


* Biological attack.The black plague that killed over one third of all Europeans at the time was one of the earliest known cases of a biological attack. In the advent of one today, hunkering down underground until it was safe to come back up would be my choice of action.

* Civil Unrest. In the advent of a full economic collapse or even rioting confined to your town it may pay to wait it out in your bunker if you do not have the network of people needed to successfully fight off a mob. A well organized group of families may have the fire power and numbers to ward off rampaging thugs or looters but one may alone might not be able to. It may pay to retreat underground until law and order has been restored.

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* The cost of bomb shelters has come way down in price in the last 20 years. As awareness grows and conditions world wide get worse and worse more and bomb professional level underground shelter companies now exist, then a few decades ago. A basic shelter will now cost you around $20,000 with a decent quality prefabricated one costing you between $60,000- $80,000. 20 years ago you were looking to spend at least twice that if you could even find someone knowledgeable enough to do the work for you.


* During the 1950s and early 1960s (at the height of the cold war) most towns and cities has community bomb shelters, that were well maintained by municipal officials. These were well stocked and close enough so that most people had quick access to one. As the cold war de-escalated many folks let these shelters fall into disrepair. Many can still be seen if you walk around your town or neighborhood but even if you could access them I can guarantee you that they have no food or drinking water in them anymore. Yet another reason to invest in your own shelter. Oh and I can tell you places like China and Russia are still maintaining their community shelters, in fact they are building even more of them..why?

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4 thoughts on “Seven reasons to invest in a bomb shelter

  1. Early in 2017 I am looking to buy some land further out of town..once I do I definitely want to build my own – I thought about burying a used shipping container or even an old school bus (you can get them cheap in my county)

    Any books you can recommend that would help me out with ideas and tips?

  2. Most National Guard Armories have an indoor pistol-small bore range that served as a bomb shelter, that said my thoughts are why not build that in door range I and many others have always wanted. I started the clearing the land about a week ago an am looking forward to having my own arcade type range with all the bells and spinners.

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