Street defense academy


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Just download the files files today to your computer, iphone, or ipad and have a complete self defense digital dojo at your fingertips.

Having a set of steel abs isn’t just about looking good: It also helps you maintain a solid fighting posture, works like armor to protect your body from taking a beating, and actually makes you punch harder. This bonus will teach you exactly how you can develop chiseled abs right at home.

They say that diet is half the battle. The Fighter Diet bonus videos break down what foods you can eat to stay healthy, have more energy throughout the day, and look fit. Examples of foods to buy, how to prep them, and when to eat them are all described in these video lessons.

Ever wished you could deliver the perfect head-kick? Not flexible enough to get your leg up there? That’ll change quick! The High-Kick Stretching and Flexibility course teaches you Tae Kwon Do stretches that have been PROVEN for CENTURIES to increase your flexibility in your legs, groin, and hips. Once you realize how easy and quick this is, you’ll wonder why any fighter DOESN’T learn this!

Street Defense Academy is the very best self defense course available, but we want to remove all risk to you. That’s why we offer a 100%, No-Questions-Asked, 60…

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