Greek Financial Collapse – Can it happen here?

bare-shelves2So I was reading the Sunday edition of the New York Post today and there were numerous articles about the financial collapse in Greece , the effects it will have on Europe and various analyses of why the Collapse came about .

300x300Several of the Financial Analysts pointed out that disability fraud was rampant in Greece , as was crooked politicians and even most wealthy doctors and lawyers had multiple tax fiddles that they employed to reduce paying their share of taxes. In fact the sub headline read “Nation Robbed by its Citizens”

The article went on to say the banks are on lock down, the supermarkets are picked clean and pensioners have n left sobbing on the street as their old age social security checks have simply dried up.


well that’s Greece you say, it can’t happen here in the USA! Are we really that far off what’s going on in Greece today? Our government has run up horrendous debt that sooner or later must be repaid (Nope, printing more money is not the answer).

We suffer from many crooked politicians and business men, just like in Greece. As I was looking for a NY Post link above using their search tool, I found straight away at least 2 articles that drew similarities with Greece, one about New York’s never ending Medicaid scandals and another saying that 1 in 4 Americans have nothing saved for retirement!. And I wasn’t even looking for evidence.

I think we are in for some serious financial times ahead, which is why I created my guide “Why You Need To Buy Silver Before The SHTF”. In my guide you will learn why its important to invest in Silver (Not gold) to safeguard you and your family from financial collapse, what sort of Silver to purchase and the best places to purchase Silver, online and off line. I’ve priced the guide super cheap so that its affordable to everyone , even those on a tight budget.

Its going to get rough out there in the coming years folks so tighten your belts, live within your means and stay safe

Alex The Prepper

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