Hand Drill Firemaking Beginner’s Step by Step Guide

We all know how important the ability of making a fire if you are ever stuck off grid and away from civilization.Some of us carry lighters, safety matches or even the ever stryke matches. Creating fire using the old fashioned hand drill looks so easy on Tv and in films but its actually a really hard skill to master. Watch this video and as always leave a comment below!

Remember how important dry materials are for your kit. For your first time, it’s helpful to keep your board and spindle out of humidity, in the sun, and in a dry place for a couple of weeks. If you use this same board for hand conditioning practice, it will further dry it out from the heat you generate. As you build up your skills, you can try materials that are right from nature (for this video I used materials that I gathered that day and did not pre-dry in any way).