How to Use a Signal Mirror

Knowing how to use a signal mirror is a handy skill to have in your arsenal whether in a back woods hiking situation or a post grid down situation. It’s worth owning a couple of signal mirrors and practicing at least the basics of communication with friends and family. Watch this video and learn something new today


Paracord Bracelet Survival Challenge

A 24-hour survival challenge using only a paracord bracelet. Goal: secure food, shelter, water, and fire. This is a challenge I put before my survival students. It’s not enough to just make it through the night — the idea is to find or make a workable shelter, to find enough food to fill your belly, to make fire, and to safely purify water for drinking. I teach these skills, as well as martial arts, primal fitness, and wilderness awareness (mindfulness) skills.


7 prepper lessons I learned in Afghanistan

While spending time in Afghanistan in ’03, I learned several valuable lessons about basic survival in a urban environment that was recovering from decades of war. These 7 lessons can be applied in urban environments in the U.S. when facing catastrophes.


Drawing a Pistol in a Car – Defensive Pistol Tip

Director of the SIG SAUER Academy in New Hampshire, Adam Painchaud shares a defensive pistol tip to ensure a safe holster draw while seated in your vehicle–should the need ever arise. Painchaud also discusses some other options for carrying while in a vehicle. (NSSF Video)

Bug Out Gear: Flexible Solar Panel (Powerfilm)

Bug Out Gear: Flexible Solar Panel (Powerfilm)

How To Start Prepping: Top Ten List

Top Ten things to get to start your prepping. Have you wanted to prep but don’t know where to start because of too much info and too many big prepping companies telling you to buy expensive “starting packages”. Tell those prepping corps. to take a hike!!! Start this list today. With a little money and weekends worth of shopping you will be well on your way to keeping yourself and your family fed and safe in extreme times.