Preppers – Best ideas for Bugging In?

I have written a fair bit in the past about the pros and cons of bugging in versus bugging out. Many preppers subscribe to the belief that most of our major cities are so congested as it is you are better off having a full time Bug Out Location (B.O.L.) and living there permanently . While that may work for some people the reality is many of us are tied to the cities for our jobs and our families.

So today I want to hear from you guys on your best tips that you have heard over the years for bugging in, whether that’s a suburban home or apartment building

I know you guys have opinions – so let’s hear them!

As always thanks for reading


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Preppers Question of the Week “How do I start Prepping?”

Ok folks – so I’ve been doing this blog for a little over 3 years now – sharing my thoughts and wisdom on Prepping with you all. So I want to do something different this week – I want to HEAR FROM YOU. Today’s question to you is, what advice would you give someone who is just starting out in the Prepping World “How Do I Start Prepping?”

Whether its something as simple as “start buy picking up a few extra cans of food, toilet rolls, tooth paste with your weekly grocery shop” or taking an advance shooting course – I want YOU to leave your feedback and comments in the section below!

Thanks in advance