Green Energy : How to hook up Solar Panels (with battery bank)

Shows how to hook up solar panels (with a battery bank). simple instructions. home solar power station. very easy to put together. all you need is 1 or more batteries, an inverter, charge controller and a solar panel or panels. the following is for a 12 volt system. use one ‘deep cycle’ battery for every 2 to 6 amps your panels generate. (batteries like to be charged at this rate).

A 12 volt 1 amp panel generates about 15 watts. you can use any solar panels. if you can’t get the smaller panels then buy one larger one. (Kyocera sells an inexpensive 7-8 amp solar panel (135 watter)). that would go perfect with 2 deep cycle batteries.

The six panels in the video are from harbor freight tools. I bought 2 three panel sets. they sell the panels in sets of three or individually. Soleman sells similar panels. the batteries are from walmart. They are ‘deep cycle’ batteries. the charge controller is from fry’s electronics.

The inverter is from harbor freight tools. this system will provide all the ‘free’ power you will need to run tons of things around your house. I’ve posted 6 videos showing all sorts of things running on this system (computers, tvs, stereos, lights, power tools, appliances, and more). all can be found on my youtube channel homepage. Great little system to start with. Try ‘powering up’ one room in your house. you now have a solar assisted house. as one example; this could easily run a light, laptop computer, fan and small tv for several hours every day. also great in an emergency, power outage, remote and rural off-grid living.

Discover How You Can Run Your Home on Renewable Energy

Discover How You Can Run Your Home on Renewable Energy – click here to learn how:

Earth Energy for Home is a brand new product from an energy enthusiast called David. His renewable energy system is easy to follow and can reduce your energy bills by up to 100%! That’s right! You can end up paying zero to energy companies if you buy this system – the idea is to build your own energy system from home and use it to power your entire home!

The system was designed when David realised how much he was spending on electricity bills and simply didn’t want to keep paying. The prices are continuously rising and it’s almost impossible for families to keep up! However, with Earth Energy for Home you can reduce and even eliminate your energy bills and start spending the money on more important things like your friends and family.

If you’re interested in “going green” and you want to do your bit to help save the earth then Earth Energy for Home is the ideal system for you.

The product is broken down into modules so that you can take it one step at a time. The first is solar power – this is where you will learn how to build your own solar panel system to power your home. The second is wind power – and this is where you will learn how to boost your power production even more – and remember this is all renewable energy!

There are tons of testimonials on the site and you will find that all of them are positive. This is a system that works and works well. There are many reasons to buy Earth Energy for Home – one of which is that it’s been featured on TV. You can save a huge amount of money, you will be using renewable energy throughout your home so you are essentially “off the grid” and won’t need to pay any energy bills at all!

Just thinking about the amount of money you could save is incredible. Imagine never having to pay an electricity bill or any energy bill again? It’s amazing how much you could save.

One of the reasons we like this product so much is the price! For just $49.90 you can get your hands on the entire package and even 3 amazing bonuses! You’ll get the entire system as well as instructions on how to install the system and make money from it, how to save money on fuel prices and even a general guide to going green!

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The Risks Of Solar Energy

5 (2)When people talk about solar energy, all they really talk about is how much this alternative form of energy source is a great source for power and electricity, and how this source of energy can help you save a lot on your utility bills. However, there are certain things and aspects about solar energy that should be discussed with people, especially since solar energy is now being integrated in constructing modern day houses and structures, and are even now becoming a viable source for power and electricity.

One of those things that should be discussed involves the risk of using solar energy. This article will try to present to you some facts and information about the risks involved in using solar energy. Before we can discuss more about the different risks, let us first discuss what solar energy is, and how it is produced in order to understand its different risks.


Known Dangers of Solar Energy

For those of you who don’t know, solar energy is actually produced from a process that occurs within the sun known as nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion is actually the very same process that is involved in nuclear power plants, and actually employs the same basic nuclear physics laws that applies to atomic bombs. This is definitely a major cause for alarm for most people.

Aside from that, add the fact that the main energy source for solar energy is actually hydrogen, which is a form of gas that is highly explosive, and that is definitely something that you should be aware of. Hydrogen is a tremendously destructive component that can be found in H-bombs, and also produces dangerous fallout for those exposed.

These known dangers of solar energy may sound very threatening, but these are not the only things that you should be worried about, for solar energy could also have other not so well-known dangers that could pose a risk to your health.

Solar Energy Radiation

Right now, we are all actually being subjected to the sun’s background radiation, which could be dangerous if exposure to it exceeded a certain level. There is really nothing we can do to prevent being exposed to such background radiation other than to simply avoid sun exposure.

However, if your home uses solar energy to power up your house, you might find it more difficult to do. Since solar energy technology harnesses the power of the sun by concentrating the sunlight, and using its energy to light up your home’s light bulb, you could very well be irradiating your entire home, something which could cause skin cancer later on.

Blindness from Solar Energy

Another danger that could stem from using solar energy to power up your different gadgets and electronics at home is that it could cause blindness if you were to expose your eyes to too much radiation from them, just like staring directly at the sun for too long.

Solar Energy Fire Hazards

Since most solar collectors basically concentrate the sunlight that they are able to collect from the sun, it can be a fire hazard, especially since fire can very easily start if there were very high concentrations and levels of solar energy. These high and dangerous levels of solar concentrations could easily ignite combustible materials, making it a possible hire hazard on any home.

These are just some of the risks that solar energy could pose on you, so make sure that you do some researching first before deciding on whether you want to get and use solar energy technology for your home or not.

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How to Choose the Best Solar Energy System

solarpanelhomeWith the recent advances in technology in recent years, being able to produce viable and clean energy to be used to power your home is now a reality. Alternative sources of power and energy will not only help you avoid burning fossil fuel to help provide electricity for your home, but will also help you save a considerable amount of money on the cost of your utility. One of those alternative energy sources is solar energy.


There are actually a number of different solar energy systems that are available in the market today. Since solar energy has become more common and more viable in the recent years, developers have begun to develop different solar energy systems that you can choose from, depending on your needs and limitations. Choosing a solar energy system that would fit best for your home is not necessarily an easy thing to do, which is why it is important that you learn how to choose the best one in order to get the right type of solar energy system for your home. Here are a couple of hints.

Know Your Solar Energy System

Before anything else, the very first thing that you must do is you must make sure that you know what different solar energy systems there are that you can choose from. Basically, there are two different types of solar energy systems, and those are the photovoltaic (PV) panels and solar thermal systems.


Photovoltaic Panels
Photovoltaic panels are solar energy panels that convert solar energy and turn them into electricity that you can use to power up most of your appliances and household lighting, and should only be used for those particular uses. Unfortunately, among the solar energy systems that are in the market, photovoltaic panels are considered to be one of the more expensive ones, if not the most expensive in the solar energy market today.

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems, on the other hand, simply generate heat, and are well-suited for boilers, furnaces and water heaters, as this type of system allows you to make heat using direct solar energy at a much lower cost as compared to using conventional energy and electricity. However, if you want to retrofit your home with one of these solar thermal systems, you need to sacrifice a little bit of space in your home. The good thing about using this type of solar energy system though is that you will save up to 80% of your total energy cost per year.

Calculate Your Energy Cost

Once you have a much better understanding and grasp of what solar energy systems are out there, and how they work, you simply need to learn how to calculate the cost of your energy consumption. This will actually help you determine which type of solar energy system you should choose from the two. When calculating the cost of your energy consumption, you need to create a list of all the things that might need energy and electricity. Include appliances, lighting, water heating, space heating, space cooling and air conditioning. If you can, try and figure out first if there are ways that you can reduce your electricity and energy consumption without having to resort to retrofitting your home with solar energy system.

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The History Of Solar Energy


When people talk about solar energy, a lot of people think of certain solar energy sources that are pretty common to them, such as wood, and even dried animal droppings. Aside from these possible sources of solar energy, people also associate the concept of solar energy as one of the possible causes for global warming.

However, there are still a lot of things that people do not know or fully understand about solar energy just yet, like what it is exactly, and how to use it to its utmost potential. In order for you to fully understand more about solar and sustainable energy, and what the future holds for it, you need to learn more about the history of solar energy. This article will give you a chance to delve in deeper into solar energy’s fascinating history.


Historical Role Of Solar Energy

One of the more common and more popular roles that the sun, or solar energy, played during those ancient times is that of a force that is able to sustain life based on its ability to give off renewable energy. This is probably the main reason as to why the people during those times, especially in native South and North America, as well as in other parts of the world, worshipped the Sun.

Ancient Greece built temples devoted to worshipping their sun deities, namely, Helio and Apollo. Also, the Greek’s use of solar energy were not limited to religious purposes, as they even used the solar energy system to incorporate passive solar design in the construction of their houses.


The Romans simply improved the Greek’s design and also incorporated windows into their structures, allowing them to be able to trap more solar heat. This actually played a role in their ability to produce a good growing condition for plants.

Solar Hot Water Heater Prototype

Unknown to a lot of people, but the original prototype for solar hot water heaters is actually a result of do-it-yourself projects of people in their hopes to be able to boil water, and keeping the water hot for a longer period of time. Scientists during the 18th century were able to discover that covering a box with a glass top while heating it would actually get the water to reach boiling temperature. But it wasn’t until someone tried to separate the solar heat collector with the water tank that the first prototype for solar hot water heaters was created.

Discovery Of Solar Energy Cells

Solar energy cells, also known as PV cells, are actually created when three Americans discovered that building transistors with silicon. This was during the 1950’s. PV cells weren’t actually an affordable solar energy source back then, however, due to its practical use in the satellite industry, the solar energy cell industry became sustainable. PV cells serve as the main fuel source for satellites out in space.


Solar Energy Today

Nowadays, in our more technologically advanced times, solar energy has now garnered a lot of renewed interest and focus, especially since solar energy has now become more affordable, and offers more use and application in our modern day needs. Solar energy cells are actually being used in a lot of businesses and homes today, and are even responsible for powering most household appliances, office equipments, and are even used to power cars.

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Green Power Easy Product Review


Green Power Easy is a simple and effective guide that shows you how to build and install solar panels. The best thing about this guide is that it’s designed to make installing and building solar power for yourself super easy. It isn’t complicated and it shouldn’t be – the new Green Power Easy is a complete solution to alternative energy and they offer professionally written and illustrated instructions so that you can convert your home to go completely “off the grid”.

The owners were shocked at the number of guides out there that didn’t go into enough detail. It’s a relatively complex topic and so if you plan on installing solar panels yourself you should be taught all the relevant information – unfortunately, there weren’t any other guides that they felt did this and so Green Power Easy was born.

4 (2)

They decided to go ahead and create the easiest to follow guide on the market. It covers everything and includes a membership and a video series to help you every step of the way. If you want to save money and reduce your energy bills and maybe even go completely “off the grid”, then the Green Power Easy system is probably your best bet.

Not only can you reduce your energy bills, you can also do your bit to help the environment. With a 60 day guarantee you can rest assured that you can use the guide, watch the videos, join the membership and everything and if you’re not 100% satisfied you can get your money back – no questions asked.

As far as “going green” the Green Power Easy guide is definitely the best option you will find online. There is no other guide that is as straight forward and easy as this one. Brought to you by Peter Lowe, the guide is simple and affordable.

If you purchase today, you will get the Easy DIY Guide to solar and wind power, the implementation guide, the guide to government rebates, the parts ordering guide and step by step video instructions to help you install the entire system with ease.

4 (2)

We highly recommend the Green Power Easy guide simply because it’s the easiest and most affordable guide around – in literally a matter of days you can have a complete plan for making your entire home “energy self-sufficient” and when we say easy, we really mean easy! You get everything you need to “go green” and there are some great testimonials on the sales page too!

Let me know what you think of it – if you purchase a copy

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Earth 4 Energy Review


Michael Harden is an everyday guy who has created a brand new product called Earth 4 Energy. His product is all about saving money and reducing your energy bills – and in some cases eliminate them altogether! You can even have your energy companies paying YOU for the energy you produce!

Solar panels are really expensive and unfortunately this means a lot of people who want to go green, can’t. The outlay usually required is easily $15,000+ and obviously, not a lot of people have that kind of money lying around.

Saving energy isn’t as easy as it sounds. You want to reduce your bills and you do everything you can such as installing energy saving light bulbs, turning things off when you’re not using them etc. The problem is, that doesn’t usually save enough! There are people who have done this and ended up only saving a few dollars per month.


The real way to save energy is to use an alternative energy source. Solar panels are the most popular but again, they are extremely expensive so not that many people can get them. However, the Earth 4 Energy product shows you exactly how you can build your own solar energy system for as little as $200! You can now go green without spending thousands of dollars!

With a solar panel system installed you can reduce and even eliminate your energy bills. In fact, if you end up producing more energy than you actually need then you can expect to get checks from your energy company because they will start paying YOU for the energy you are producing – and remember, you are producing this energy for FREE.

The Earth 4 Energy system is probably one of the simplest and easiest ways to build your own solar panels and start to enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills for life!

Michael managed to learn how to create his own solar panels and he even started his own business by building and installing these systems for other people. You can get all the materials you need from a local hardware store – so it’s not like other systems where you need things you simply can’t find.

We highly recommend the Earth 4 Energy system simply because it’s so easy to follow and simple to do. You don’t need any previous experience and you can expect to have it all ready and setup within a few days.

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The Cost of a Solar Energy System


Solar energy is free but the tools that will enable you to harness this free energy are not.

Simple New Way To Escape The Power Monopoly

If you are planning to install a solar energy system right at your home and would like to know how much it would cost, there are 3 things you need to consider:

First, the cost depends on how much energy your household requires. More energy you require means more solar panels and higher cost of installation. The good thing is, the technology to harness the power of the sun is relatively cheaper than it was several years ago.

Second, the government is offering a rebate to those who will switch to alternative form of energy. That means, the government will shoulder a portion of the total cost of the system.

Third, you can get tax credits when you switch to solar energy system. The amount of tax rebate depends from state to state but the range can go from $1000 to $2000.

All these affect the overall cost of your installation.

Simple New Way To Escape The Power Monopoly

A photovoltaic system can cost roughly at $8000 to $10000 per 1kW system. This equates to $8 to $10 per Watt. An average American household with 3 bedrooms requires at least 1.5kW to as much as 3kW. Thus, installation can cost from $14000 to $30000, before rebates and tax credits.

Government rebate varies from state to state. As a reference, an average California household that requires 1.5kW system can get as much as $4200 rebate (1.5kW= 1500 watts x $2.80 per watt = $4200).

A household that requires 3kW system can get as much as $8400 (3kW= 3000 watts x $2.80 per watt = $8400).

Before, tax credit goes as much as 30% but it is lowered to 7.5% of system cost after rebate.

So an average household with 1.5kW system can get $735 ($14000 – $4200 x 7.5% = $735) worth of tax credit while the 3kW system can get $1620 ($30000 – $8400 x 7.5% = $1620) worth of tax credit.

Example A: 1.5kW system

Cost of solar electric system: $14000
Less rebate: $4200
Less tax credit: $735

Cost of the system after rebate and tax credit: $9065

Example B: 3kW system

Cost of solar electric system: $30000
Less rebate: $8400
Less tax credit: $1620

Cost of the system after rebate and tax credit: $19980

Again, these are rough estimates just to give you an idea of the cost of installing solar energy system. They do not represent real figures.

Simple New Way To Escape The Power Monopoly

Top tips:

Energy independent home has higher resale value and is more preferred by home buyers. So, if you are planning to sell your home in several years, installing solar energy system does not only provide substantial saving on electric bill, it also is a good home improvement option.

If you want to finance the cost of your solar energy installation, include it in your mortgage.

If you want to reduce your electricity load, switch to energy efficient appliances. Buy electric appliances with ENERGY STAR seal.

Low energy requirement means lower installation cost.

Residents of areas with higher electricity rate can benefit most on solar energy system.

If you can’t afford the photovoltaic system, you can install solar hot water system that costs roughly from $2000 to $4000.

Solar energy is best for houses that are located far from the existing power lines.

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Simple New Way To Escape The Power Monopoly

The Secrets of Building Your Own Solar Energy For Under $200

Did you know that the average cost of installing solar panels in your home is $27,000! I don’t know about you but that’s much more money that I can afford and although I want to “go green” I simply can’t afford that kind of expense and outlay. I want to reduce my energy bills and I want to help save the environment but I just don’t have that kind of money.

Well, luckily I came across the Green DIY Energy product offered by the Green DIY Energy team. It’s an amazing product that teaches you how to build your own solar panels for under $200! Well, to start with, under $200 is a MUCH better option than $27,000! I was interested straight away.

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The sales page is easy to follow and I understood what I was getting straight away. The DIY guide itself has three parts; the Solar Panel System, the $98 solar panel guide and the DIY guide bundle which basically explains how to install and mount the system once you’ve built it.

If you buy today you will get a range of bonuses including a video library so that you can watch the experts build the panels and learn how to do it via video. You’ll also get a wind turbine guide so you can really “go green” and you’ll also get step-by-step instructions on how to install a wind turbine if you feel you want to go the whole hog!

A lot of people tend to think that solar energy is really complicated to install but it’s not. The Green DIY Energy product proves that just about anybody can install these systems – even if you’ve got no experience. You don’t even have to have built anything before – you can simply follow the steps and work your way towards a complete solar power system for your home.

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If you’re looking to save money and you want to “go green” but you don’t want to spend the ridiculous amounts of money it can costs to professionally install solar power systems then the Green DIY Energy guide is ideal for you. We highly recommend you grab this product now before the price increases – at the moment it’s under $50 but we’re not sure how long it’ll stay at that price!

If you really want to “go green” and don’t have the outlay that’s usually required, but you do have a few hundred dollars, then the Green DIY Energy guide is a perfect fit.

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A Bright Future for Solar Energy: An Alternative Energy Source

I was first introduced to solar energy in the movie, Race the Sun with James Belushi and Halley Berry in the lead. It was a story about low- income and under achieving Hawaiian students encouraged by their teacher to join the Solar Car race. In the movie, a car shaped like a cockroach and covered with solar panels used the sun’s rays as an alternative energy source to run the car.


Solar energy is the light and the heat from the sun. Solar energy is free and its supplies are unlimited. There are n air and water pollution caused about by using solar energy. But there is still some impacts on the environment although indirect.

Photovoltaic cells used to convert sunlight into electricity uses silicon and also produce some waste materials. There are also large solar thermal farms and these farms can also be harmful to the environment and desert ecosystems if not properly managed.

Solar energy can be used on different aspects. Solar energy can be used in agriculture. Greenhouses (which is entirely different from greenhouse gas) convert solar light to heat to be maximized in enhancing the growth of plants and crops. Greenhouses has been around since the Roman times and modern greenhouses were built in Europe in 16th century. Greenhouses are still an important part of horticulture nowadays,

Daylight systems are also being used to maximize the energy released by the sun. It is used to provide interior illumination replacing the artificial lighting. Daylight systems include sawtooth roofs, light shelf, skylights, and light tube. Daylight systems when they are properly implemented can reduce lighting-related energy consumption by 25 percent.


Solar energy can also be developed into solar thermal technologies which can be used for water heating, space heating, space cooling and process heat generation. Solar energy can also be used to distil water and make saline or brackish water potable or drinkable.

The solar water disinfection or SODIS involves exposing water-filled plastic polyethylene terephthalate or PET bottles. This process takes a long time, since the exposure time varies on the weather conditions. It requires a minimum of six hours to two days during days with overcast conditions. Currently, there are two million people in developing centuries use SODIS for their daily drinking water needs.

Also sunlight can be converted into electricity using photovoltaics or PV. PV has been mainly used to power small and medium-sized things like a calculator powered by a single solar cell. There are homes powered by photovoltaics. Using solar energy for water and space heating is the most widely use application of solar energy. While ventilation and solar air heating is also growing in popularity.

There are three main ways in using solar energy. The main way of using and converting solar energy is by using the solar cells. Solar cells convert light directly into electricity. Solar cells are also called photovoltaic or photoelectric cells.


Meanwhile, solar furnaces use a huge array of mirrors to concentrate on the Sun’s energy into a small space and produced very high temperatures. Solar furnaces are also called “solar cookers”. A solar cooker can be used in hot countries to cook food.

With all the benefits if using solar energy, there is still a downside for this alternative energy source. It does not work during night time. The cost of setting up solar stations is expensive, but the benefit of using solar energy when accumulated is so much more.


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