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The Luxury Survival Condos & doomsday bunkers are built to protect against a catastrophic event while offering privacy and comfort for its residents. Our charge was to design audiovisual systems in each private residence and all public spaces to make residents feel at home. This bunker has been featured on CNN, NBC News, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, and many more new stations world wide.


Greek Financial Collapse – Can it happen here?

bare-shelves2So I was reading the Sunday edition of the New York Post today and there were numerous articles about the financial collapse in Greece , the effects it will have on Europe and various analyses of why the Collapse came about .

300x300Several of the Financial Analysts pointed out that disability fraud was rampant in Greece , as was crooked politicians and even most wealthy doctors and lawyers had multiple tax fiddles that they employed to reduce paying their share of taxes. In fact the sub headline read “Nation Robbed by its Citizens”

The article went on to say the banks are on lock down, the supermarkets are picked clean and pensioners have n left sobbing on the street as their old age social security checks have simply dried up.


well that’s Greece you say, it can’t happen here in the USA! Are we really that far off what’s going on in Greece today? Our government has run up horrendous debt that sooner or later must be repaid (Nope, printing more money is not the answer).

We suffer from many crooked politicians and business men, just like in Greece. As I was looking for a NY Post link above using their search tool, I found straight away at least 2 articles that drew similarities with Greece, one about New York’s never ending Medicaid scandals and another saying that 1 in 4 Americans have nothing saved for retirement!. And I wasn’t even looking for evidence.

I think we are in for some serious financial times ahead, which is why I created my guide “Why You Need To Buy Silver Before The SHTF”. In my guide you will learn why its important to invest in Silver (Not gold) to safeguard you and your family from financial collapse, what sort of Silver to purchase and the best places to purchase Silver, online and off line. I’ve priced the guide super cheap so that its affordable to everyone , even those on a tight budget.

Its going to get rough out there in the coming years folks so tighten your belts, live within your means and stay safe

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Solar Stirling Plant Product Review


The most powerful way to generate free electricity is now “out in the open” thanks to the Solar Stirling Plant. The best thing about the Solar Stirling Plant is that it’s designed to reduce and even eliminate your energy bills and what’s even better is that you can set up your home so that you are completely energy independent and even have the energy companies sending YOU a check!

One of the reasons the Solar Stirling Plant works so well is that it generates 12 times the amount of energy when compared to ordinary solar panels. The revolutionary design means it’s much more powerful and so you can generate a whole load more energy than you can with normal solar panels.


The other benefit of the Solar Stirling Plant is that it doesn’t take up very much space either so you can get started pretty quickly. You can also build and install it for super cheap – less than $100 in materials. Dr. Robert Stirling originally came up with the concept as an alternative energy source for steam engines – it’s an extremely efficient system and is actually an old method but it still works really well today!

The Solar Stirling Plant can generate free, clean and renewable energy – the new design has been perfected and is now available to the public! Parabolic reflector dishes catch the sun’s rays and focus them onto the appropriate areas so that you can generate free energy. The concentrated rays of the Solar Stirling Plant mean that you can generate up to 12 times more energy than you could with ordinary solar panels.

With rising energy costs and big energy companies always increasing their charges, you can end up paying well over the odds for electricity. The Solar Stirling Plant is extremely easy to build and you don’t even have to have any special tools or skills – the total cost averages less than $100.


The instructions for the Solar Stirling Plant are easy to follow and you will find the illustrated instructions really easy to follow. Even if you’ve never built anything before you will be able to build the Solar Stirling Plant!

We highly recommend this product as an alternative to normal solar panels. In fact, we would recommend it to anyone who wants to reduce or eliminate their energy costs. You can reduce your bill by up to 75% easily!

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Which Survival Vehicles Should You Own?

Flashy cars are certainly a status symbol – and there’s nothing quite like cruising to the beach in a newer model convertible with the top down and the wind on your face. Except the flash won’t do you any good when a disaster strikes.

When a disaster strikes, many people become stranded because the roads are impassible to ordinary cars. Debris clogs the roads – and if you try to take a flashy little car over debris on the road or through the slick mud covered trails, you’re not going to make it very far.


You have to have a vehicle that’s not going to wimp out when there’s a little trouble on the road. You need to get a four wheel drive that will give you the traction you need when things get a little rough.

Not only do you need a four wheel drive, but you have to have something that gives you some space. Having a small four wheel drive is okay if it’s just you. It’s okay if you and your family want to run up to the corner supermarket, but loaded down with all the gear you need to take, that small four wheel drive isn’t going to make the cut.

So get a vehicle that offers you all the room you and your family will need to pack it up and haul out of any bad situation. You want something that’s easy to maneuver – so that doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy a truck with monster wheels.


You need to be able to get the vehicle through the area you want to go. So a good rule of thumb is to get a vehicle that can handle going off the road and make sure that you, your family and all of your bug out gear can easily fit into it.

Sometimes, not even a decent vehicle is going to cut it when the road floods. To make sure you’re covered by land or by water, you should have a survival boat. Don’t waste your time on an inflatable boat for long term use.

The debris in the water will make sure it doesn’t last very long. You want something that your family can bug out in – but something that will also provide shelter if you have to stay on it for several days.

In the best scenario, a boat is merely a means of getting where you need to go, but the great thing about boats is that you can buy one that’s big enough to hold all of the equipment you need to survive temporarily.

You also want to have a 4 wheeler. The reason you want to have a 4 wheeler is in case you need to get out and your vehicle can’t make the trip out. You can use the 4 wheeler to transport yourself and family members (even if you have to make several trips) to an area where your boat or an alternative escape means awaits.

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Survival Armor Is a Necessity for Violent Emergency Situations

Environmental disaster. Post apocalyptic survivor in gas mask

Whenever a natural disaster happens, you’ll see news headlines touting the bravery and the goodness of many citizens. Yet, there’s always a dark side to every emergency. People that are not there to help, that think only of themselves and what they want seem to come out in legions to take advantage of or to harm others whenever there’s a disaster.

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You can bet that those people will do whatever they have to do to get what they want. Which means that you need to make sure that you’re well protected and can survive a violent attack. When chaos breaks out, looters come out in droves.

When a difficult situation persists such as a lack of food or water, it can lead to a herd mentality and mobs of angry people bent on destruction and not caring who they hurt. They may try to take supplies from you to meet their own needs.

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Or worse, they may want to harm you or your family for no apparent reason at all. Throughout history, mobs have been known to assault, rob and even murder others. To protect yourself, you need to add survival armor to your supplies.

Survival armor can be the difference between living and ending up as a tragedy. There are several different types of body armor you can buy but what most people get is upper body armor known as vests.

These vests have openings where plates of various materials can be placed. These are often referred to as trauma plates and the best materials used in them can be steel, ceramic or titanium. You’ll want to read the label to see what kind of material the vest contains.

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Most assailants will attempt to stab or shoot a person in the upper torso, which is the reason for the popularity of these body armor vests. These vests can deflect knife thrusts and stop bullets.

Most of these vests are made from a material known as Kevlar, which is material made of layered synthetic fibers that’s extremely strong. Vests offer users protection from the front, back and sides and many of the vests have openings for plates that can even stop bullets fired from a machine gun.

You want the best body armor that you can buy.  If you plan to buy your vest online, you need to be aware that some companies will label their vests as ‘tactical’ which is a term sometimes used in conjunction with law enforcement, when they’re actually just gear carrying vests.

You can also choose to add a groin protector with soft armor pieces you can put inside to shield your body from an attack. Other body armor that can be useful during a violent situation are helmets that can protect against a head injury during an assault and are also strong enough to deflect a bullet.

To protect against shrapnel, some people also buy blankets known as bomb blankets. These blankets are made of a material that can protect you against pipe bombs and hand grenades.

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The Best Way to Hone Your Survival Skills

Isolated shot of shotgun with ammunition

Human beings have a strong will to survive, but that will can easily get beaten down when faced with overwhelming situations. A situation is only overwhelming when there’s a lack of knowledge or skill. When you know what do to because you’ve already planned ahead of time, you can act on instinct rather than react in a panic.

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Fire drills are practiced in schools (and should be in your home, too) so that everyone will know what he or she is supposed to do. When you perform a task often enough, you can do it automatically without thinking about it when an emergency hits.

Test yourself by conducting drills by going camping on the weekends and only bring your survival bag. Camp in inclement weather so you’ll be prepared to handle that, but remember to let someone know the area where you’re going to go camping.

Practice often so you’ll know what to do in the event of weather disasters, health emergencies and threats to your safety. Practice using the first aid kit, treating a wound, an unconscious person, practice setting a broken bone, treating a burn, etc. Practice what to do if you’re unable to call for help and you’re wounded.

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It’s important because the best way to survive is to practice what you’re going to do in any worst case scenario. You might not live in an area prone to tornadoes, but that doesn’t mean one won’t happen-be prepared for the unexpected.

Number one, prepare yourself mentally. If you allow the situation to overwhelm you or to make you fall into the trap of self-pity, your survival odds drop. The first step to take is to assess your situation and realize that you need three things – shelter, food and water. Of the three, find shelter first, a water supply second and food last.

Of course, practice is easy when you’re already prepared for survival. You should have a stockpile of food and necessities already gathered in your emergency pantry for your survival.

You should have staples in large quantities. Have water jugs filled and ready in your emergency pantry. Besides food, have batteries, flashlights and a camp stove put back as well.

But you should also get survival guides and study those so that you’ll know what to do if you have to get your food source from the land. For example, some people advocate eating plants, but certain plants will not only upset your stomach, they’ll kill you. What you want to do is to hope the worst case scenario never takes place – but you want to be prepared for it if it does.

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The importance of an underground bunker during a disaster scenario

With so many things going bad all around the world, it’s no wonder that many people have developed an interest for prepping and the survivalist lifestyle. If you come to think about it, it’s a natural reaction, I mean, who could blame them?


There are so many scary developments out there, ranging from natural disasters to manmade ones, like wars and failing industrial equipment (think about Fukushima folks!).

In this day and age, it’s pretty hard to make your family feel safe anymore. The society became so alienated, that sometimes you can’t even trust your next door neighbor.

Prepping is the new parlance of our times. Getting ready for all sort of things, including an economic collapse or a natural disaster became almost a natural, autoimmune reaction to our profoundly sick society.

If you wrap your mind around it, if you want to be 100% protected against almost all types of disasters, including natural (floods, tornadoes) and manmade ones (EMP/Chemical/Nuclear attacks/fallout) , an underground bunker is the obvious answer. Yes, you got that right, the underground bunker is becoming increasingly popular among doomsday preppers and survivalists. And for a good reason folks!


Basically, building your own underground bunker (or shelter if you prefer) is not very complicated and it doesn’t require a huge investment. Actually, an underground shelter can be built at a very reasonable price, especially if you’re ready (and you have the skills) to put some of your own labor into it. If you’re not the handy type of person, you can use some professional services, but the basic construction materials are quite cheap. There are lots of cost-effective methods for building yourself an underground bunker, all you need to do is some research and have the determination to get the job done.

The next step is to stockpile imperishable foods and water inside your bunker. Again, most of these items are relatively inexpensive, especially canned meat, fruits and veggies; another must-have foods (also very cheap and nutritive) you’ll need to stockpile are bulk items, like beans, rice and seeds. Keep in mind that you’ll need plenty of water, to last you and your family for a long period of time. You must consider investing in water filters and chemical means for purifying contaminated water, like iodine tablets (there are lots of methods for doing that, you should do your homework online).



Air purification is crucial in a survival situation, especially inside of an underground shelter. Chemical weapons and nuclear fallout have long lasting effects over the atmosphere, hence the air quality inside of your bunker must be your top concern. Don’t hesitate to invest in a top-notch air purifier and also provide your bunker with proper ventilation.

Another essential item for an underground bunker is a power generator. Batteries are viable solutions for small appliances like radios and flashlights, but when it comes to heating/cooking/other vital equipment, a portable generator is the answer.

Last but not least, you must realize a simple fact : you can’t predict everything, so you should expect the unexpected, your scenario is as good as mine and anything can happen : an economic collapse, an EMP attack, nuclear fallout, a terrorist attack that disrupts the infrastructure, our government gone rogue against its citizens, all these things are capable of destroying the fabric of our society. Don’t take the risks lightly, just look around at all the madness in the world and start preparing now, until it’s too late!